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October 9, 2006

(By World of Outlaws Late Model Series P.R. Director Kevin Kovac)


IMPERIAL, PA (October 8, 2006) - Shane Clanton couldn't have picked a better time to catch fire.

After making Sunday night's 18th annual Pittsburgher 100 at Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway his second consecutive victory on the World of Outlaws Late Model Series, the Locust Grove, Ga., standout can now do more than dream of winning the $120,000 tour title.

Clanton, 31, will enter the WoO LMS season-finale Gator 100, on Oct. 13-14 at Volusia Speedway Park in Barberville, Fla., trailing points leader Tim McCreadie of Watertown, N.Y., who finished a disappointing 10th in the Pittsburgher, by a mere eight markers.

"I ain't really been close enough to think about the championship all year," said Clanton, who began Sunday's feature 28 points behind McCreadie.  "But now that it's the last race and we're right there, yeah, I'm thinking about it.

"It would mean a lot t win it.  You could do a lot with 120,000 bucks - and you'll also put your name in the record books.

Clanton put himself in position to battle McCreadie for the points crown with a powerful performance in his first-ever start at the track known as "Dirt's Monster Half-Mile."  He moved steadily forward from the eighth starting spot in his Ronnie Dobbins-owned RSD Enterprises Rocket car, finally overtaking Chub Frank of Bear Lake, Pa., for the lead on lap 88 while racing through lapped traffic.

Frank, who led laps 17-87, settled for runner-up money, about 10 car lengths behind Clanton at the checkered flag.

Teenage sensation Josh Richards of Shinnstow, W.Va., finished third, followed by 10th starter Darrell Lanigan on Union, Ky., and Dale McDowell of Chickamauga, Ga., who left his familiar No. 17m home for the rescheduled event and instead drove a Rocket House Car as a teammate to Richards.

Clanton, who earned a career-high paycheck of $18,000, chalked up his deciding move to having the racing gods on his side.

"Chub just got balled up behind that lapped traffic and I got a good run on him," said Clanton, who charged underneath a momentarily obstructed Frank rounding turns one and two to assume command on the 88th circuit.  "I don't know if I could've got him on open track.  Everybody gets so much momentum built up here, something's gotta break it if you wanna go by 'em.

"I hated that lapped traffic done it to him, but that's part of racing."

Frank, who has competed in 17 of the 18 Pittsburgher 100s (he missed last year's edition) and won the event in 2001, built an edge of nearly a full straightaway shortly after passing Steve Francis of Ashland, Ky., for the lead on lap 17.

But Frank, who drove his Lester Buildings Rocket machine, didn't pull away from Clanton following the race's third and final caution flag, which flew on lap 72 for a flat tire on the car of Senioa, Ga., racer Clint Smith.  That meant Clanton was in position to take advantage of Frank's trouble with the lapped car driven by Robbie Scott on lap 87.

"I just got stuck in lapped traffic," said Frank.  "It was just one of those racing deals. (Clanton) picked the right lane and I didn't."

Clanton hopes he can extend his WoO LMS hot streak.  "You just gotta go into every race to win.  I know (McCreadie) is gonna do that in Florida, so that' what we'll be doing too.

Rocket Chassis co-owner Mark Richard's son Josh at one point appeared capable of bringing his father another Pittsburgher triumph.  Driving the same Rocket house car and using almost the identical setup that Ohio's Bart Hartman used to win the 2004 Pittsburgher, Richards reached third place on lap 61 and was able to challenge Frank and Clanton following restarts on laps 63 and 72.  But Richards couldn't overtake the veterans ahead of him. 

Finishing in positions 6-10 were defending WoO LMS champion Billy Moyer who started 15th, Rick Eckert, who passed Francis for second on lap 46, but lost the spot to Clanton 13 circuits later; top local Keith Barbara,  Francis, who led laps 1-16, and McCreadie.

Two B-Mains kicked off the remainder of the Pittsburgher 100 2-day action which was postponed from Sept 23.  PPMS regulars Jared Miley and Lou Bradich captured the last-chance events.

Frank earned the pole position for the 100 by winning the dash for the victors of the heat races, which were run on Sept. 22.

Sunday's action was run under clear skies and warm conditions.

Results of the WoO Late Model Series Pittsburgher:

1) Shane Clanton, 2) Chub Frank, 3) Josh Richards, 4) Darrell Lanigan, 5) Dale McDowell, 6) Billy Moyer, 7) Rick Eckert, 8) Keith Barbara, 9) Steve Francis, 10) Tim McCreadie, 11) John Blankenship, 12) Rick Briggs, 13) Eddie Carrier Jr., 14) Steve Baker, 15) Clint Smith, 16) Jared Miley, 17) Robbie Scott, 18) Tim Gould, 19) Dave Hess Jr., 20) Scott Gunn, 21) Lou Bradich, 22) Eric Jacobsen, 23) Alex Ferree, 24) Dave Wade, 25) Bob Salathe, 26) Davey Johnson, 27) Lynn Geisler, 28) Steve Casebolt.

Yellow Flags:  3 (Laps 46, 63, 72)
Lap Leaders:  Francis (1-16) Frank (17-87), Clanton 88-100)
Provisional Starters:  Jacobsen, Hess, Geisler, Wade.

B-Main No. 1 (15 Laps, top 5 transfer):  Jared Miley, Davey Johnson, Bob Salathe, Tim Gould, Robbie Scott, Rodney Sweitzer, Mark Banal, Tony Musolino, Dave Hess Jre., Alan Dellinger, Dutch Davies, Nick Jones, Eric Jacobsen, Al Atallah, Ben Miley, Dennis Neiderriter, Leo Stadelman, (DNS) Mike Johnson, Garrett Durrett, Jim Stephans.

B-Main No. 2 (15 Laps, top 4 transfer): Lou Bradich, John Blankenship, Scott Gunn, Alex Ferree, Rick Heim, Dave Wade, Lance Elson, Jason Rider, Tommy Schirnhofer, John Hodgkiss, Jim Lepro, Lynn Geisler, John Flinner, Keith Rodriguez, Brandon Burgoon (DNS) John Mason, Chris Hackett, Matt Urban

Dash:  Frank, Francis, McCreadie, Eckert.

Jacob Hawkins and Craig Kamicker Grab Pittsburgher Support Class Wins.
(Story Content Provided by John Stasiak)

(October 8) - Jacob Hawkins, the bright rising star from Fairmont , WV grabbed his third win in five starts in the Pittsburgher Lincoln Welder E-Mods. Daryl Charlier took the lead at the start of the event from his pole starting spot. Charlier ran his familiar high outside line against the guardrail, with Kari Gasser in tow, followed by Russ Matejka and Jacob Hawkins. Hawkins disposed of Matejka on lap 2, while Gasser made a run at Charlier. By the sixth lap Hawkins was challenging Gasser, and got by her on lap 9. Meanwhile Charlier had opened up a big lead, and Hawkins set sail for him. On lap 15, the events first yellow came when Gasser slowed on the front straight, ending her strong run for the day. The restart is what Hawkins needed as it put him on Charlier’s rear bumper. The pair battled for the next four laps, with Hawkins finally getting by on lap 19. From then on it was Hawkin’s race, as he pulled away for the win. Seventh starting Mike Basich got by Charlier on lap 23, for second, while Kevin Miller got by Charlier on lap 24. However, Miller was docked two spots after the finish, due to not getting into his right spot on a restart. This moved Chuck Kennedy into third, as he got by Charlier on the last lap. Charlier ended up fourth, followed by Miller, Chris Basich, Matejka, Jim Petrelle, Vince Laboon, and Joel Johns. Daryl Charlier and Russ Matejka took the heats.

 The WBGN Pure Stocks were not to be outdone, as 2006 track champion Craig Kamicker Hopewell, PA grabbed his eighth win of the season. Invader Bob Heim took the lead at the outset, with five-time winner Jake Simmons right behind. Simmons battled with Heim for the top spot until right before half way, and took the lead off Heim on lap 12. Kamicker methodically worked his way thru the field from his eighth starting spot, moving into 6th by lap five, fifth by lap 7, fourth by lap 11, third on 13, and second by lap 14. Kamicker battled with Simmons for the next 2 laps grabbing the lead on lap 16 and pulled away for the win, Simmons settled for second, followed by Nick Kocuba, 18th starting Pat Hanley, Heim, Daryl Robison, Adam Chytil, Bill Robertson, and Todd Dennis. The heats fell to Craig Kamicker and Bill Robertson.

Lincoln Welder E-Modifieds
Heat 1 – 1. Daryl Charlier, 2. Kari Gasser 3. Chris Basich 4. Mike Basich 5. Vince Laboon, 6. Kurt Habedel, 7. Bruce Dreistadt, 8. J.E. Stalder, 9. Junior Nolan DNS

Heat 2 – 1. Russ Matejka, 2. Jacob Hawkins, 3. Jimmy Petrelle 4. Kevin Miller, 5. Dale Charlier, 6. Chuck Kennedy 7. Stush Sadowski 8. Tom Martineck

Feature (25 Laps) – 1. Jacob Hawkins, 2. Mike Basich, 3. Chuck Kennedy, 4. Daryl Charlier, 5. Kevin Miller, 6. Chris Basich, 7. Russ Matejka, 8. Jimmy Petrelle, 9. Vince Laboon, 10. Joel Johns, 11. Stush Sadowski, 12. Bruce Dreistadt, 13. Dale Charlier, 14. J. E. Stalder, 15. Frank McGill, 16. Junior Nolan, 17. Kari Gasser, 18. Cody Barrack, 19. Kurt Habdehl (DNS), 20. Tom Martineck (DNS)

WBGN Pure Stocks
Heat 1 – 1. Craig Kamicker 2. Wayne Corbo 3. Jake Simmons 4. Dave Ferringer 5. Bobby Heim 6. Adam Chytil 7. Nick Kocuba 8. Mike Pegher 9. Stacie White 10. Todd Dennis

Heat 2 – 1.  Bill Robertson 2. Daryl Robison 3. Pat Weldon 4. C.J. Morley (in the Kamicker #2) 5. Tim Folmer 6. Davy Lee 7. Glenn Ritchea 8. Terry Kerr 9. Bob Betz (in the Witness #122) 10. Charlie DiLoreto

Feature – 1. Craig Kamicker, 2. Jake Simmons, 3. Nick Kocuba, 4. Pat Hanley, 5. Bobby Heim, 6. Darryl Robison, 7. Adam Chytil, 8. Bill Robertson, 9. Charlie DiLoretto, 10. Todd Dennis, 11. Wayne Corbo, 12. Davy Lee, 13. Glenn Ritchea, 14. Terry Kerr, 15. Pat Weldon, 16. Tim Folmer, 17. Stacie White, 18. Bob Betz, 19. Dave Ferringer (DNS), 20. C. J. Morley (DNS), 21. Mike Pegher (DNS)