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Press Credential requests must be mailed or faxed to the business office in advance of the event. Please make certain that your credential request is received in the business office at least 24 hours prior to the event. All press credential requests MUST be on the represented company's letterhead. NO EXCEPTIONS. Follow-up tear sheets, tapes, photos, etc. applicable to your specific coverage are required following the covered event. We welcome and certainly appreciate all media coverage at PPMS; however, if we do not receive any "proof of coverage" or a copy of the publication containing the article, then we have to assume that coverage was not provided.

Season Press Credentials are also available following the same above procedures, and must be noted when request is made. Please note: Those individuals who have been granted season credentials, and did NOT follow up with tear sheets, tapes, photos, etc.  need not apply for Season Press Credentials.  

Only one reporter and  one photographer per publication will be considered for Season Press Credentials. Other individuals who wish to cover a specific event at Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway are welcome to do so, but will need to make sure their credential request is received in the business office at least 24 hours prior to the event. Individual event press credentials will not be carried over from one event to the next.  

There will be limits on the amount of credentials issued for the Pittsburgher or any of our special events.  Consideration will be given first to those writers and photographers who supported us throughout the season.  Those who received credentials in the past, but  did not send proof of coverage will not be considered for the Pittsburgher. 

Mailing Address: Miley Motor Sports, PO Box 4530, Pittsburgh, PA  15205
Business Office Phone:

Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway will provide all track news and press releases to those individuals with web sites that cover racing events. Please contact Matt Miley at 412-279-7223, or email ppms@ppms.com,  so you can be included in our email press release mailings.   We appreciate the coverage!