Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Motor Speedway

A Classic Combination : Fuel Required and PPMS Partner Up!


Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Motor Speedway

A Classic Combination : Fuel Required and PPMS Partner Up!

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Motor Speedway (PPMS) welcomes Fuel Required as the official Hobby Stock division sponsor. The partnership will extend throughout the 2024 racing season.

This isn't the first time that PPMS fans have seen the Fuel Required brand at the speedway. Fuel Required provided sponsorship to select drivers and events throughout the 2023 season, including the 12th Annual Ed Laboon Memorial. Most recently, during the 2023 Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Pittsburgher, Fuel Required provided fans with a pre-race experience that included a cornhole tournament, driver autograph session, and a live podcast recording between Turn 5 Turn Around and Rappin' on Racin'. For 2024, the relationship will bear even more fruit as Fuel Required will leave their impressions throughout the entirety of the upcoming season.

With the Stephen W. Johnson Memorial Triple Crown Series confirmed for 2024, Hobby Stock competitors will once again compete in a three race series that features higher payouts, contingencies and more. Two of the three scheduled races will serve as memorials for drivers that previously competed in the division. The "Wee" Willie White Memorial will take place on Saturday, August 3rd with the 4th Annual Josh Langer Memorial happening one month later on Saturday, September 14th. The September 14th show will also serve as "Free Military and First Responder Night."

Supporting the Hobby Stock division was an easy decision for Fuel Required CEO Bill Ciaffoni. "Hobby Stocks are one of the few divisions of cars that continue to look the way they did when they were street vehicles. They're easily identifiable as a Monte Carlo or Cutlass body," states Ciaffoni. "We come across cars like this all of the time in auctions or even in our showroom, though admittedly in much better condition. It's pretty cool to see them on the track and still competing today. Not to mention the quality of racing that the division provides. Every week those guys and girls go out there and steal the show. We like to think that we provide a similar experience to our customers."

Earlier this year, Fuel Required officially opened their doors to the public. Though located in nearby McDonald, their service and reputation has rapidly extended all throughout the United States thanks in part to their unmatched customer service and the exceptional platform that they provide for car enthusiasts. Sales, service and consignment are the shortlist of services that are available at their South McDonald Street location. Financing is also available to their customers to help them find the right car for them within the parameters of the desired budget.

The shared connection between PPMS and Fuel Required is the passion for the automotive industry. However, it's community that comes to the forefront of importance for both entities. Ciaffoni's primary company, All Ways Safe Flagging and Traffic Control, has tied Fuel Required right into their dedicated involvement in various community engagement efforts. As PPMS continues to develop under the new ownership of Blair Cress Jr., it's possible that you will find all three companies at several events throughout various local Pittsburgh communities.

For more information about Fuel Required and to view their entire online inventory of cars, visit their website fuelrequired.com and drop them a follow on their social media platforms.

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